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Making The Impossible Delivery The "Rite-Way" Sine 1962

Rite-Way Enterprise, Inc and Wolfe Trucking Inc. are two separate and distinctive entities as per the I.R.S. and because of the ownership split of stacks per company. Rite-Way Enterprises Inc. started November of 1962 as a truck broker. A truck broker in simple terms is the person that would match a load of merchandise with a trucker who would pick it up and deliver it to a particular location. At that time in 1962 Harry Wolfe and Mr. Ackerman, did just this job together for someone else. They decided that they could do better by going into business for themselves. With a little support of a financier, Rite-Way Enterprises, Inc. was started as a truck brokerage on 7th Street in Los Angeles, California. This location was selected because it was across from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. In 1962 the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was a strong government agency and unless you had the ”rights to haul” certain commodities, you hauled what is considered exempt from ICC regulations. An exempt commodity is generally a product that is grown and not processed. Therefore, fruits and vegetables were the mainstream of exempt carriers to haul. In 1963 Y. "Mike" Herr was added to the workforce. Approximately nine months later Mr. Herr purchased Mr. Ackerman’s shares in Rite-Way.

During a short time, Rite-Way Enterprises, Inc. became one of Los Angeles’s best truck brokers. The Produce Blue Book, the bible of the industry, honored Rite-Way Enterprises, Inc. in 1972, and gave the company the right to be considered a “Transportation Member” and have a four star rating. This is the highest honor bestowed to a truck broker from this publication. In 1973, Jack Wolfe was added to the work force due to expansion of the company. In 1975, the move from owner operator to company owned trucks was the way of the future for the trucking industry. Owner operators were joining with small companies to insure their position in the industry. Therefore, Rite-Way Enterprises, Inc. realized that they also had to start running a trucking company to stay alive, and started Wolfe Trucking Inc. Since the birth of Wolfe Trucking Inc., we have grown from 3 trucks and trailers to 36 trucks and trailers. We have general commodities Interstate Commerce Commission and Department of Transportation authorities to haul general commodities except Class A and Class B explosives in the continental 48 states. Our last three Department of Transportation inspections have been “Satisfactory,” the highest rating given by that governing agency. Our reputation of being honest and giving the best service possible to our customers has allowed us to grow to the size we are now. Our customers pass on our name to others and tell them that when you need the best call Rite-Way or Wolfe Trucking. We are known as the trucking company that will make your impossible delivery possible. 

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